Dr. Lui Redigonda

Stratford, Ontario, Canada

“Rosemary has improved our orthodontic practice and the return on investment has exceeded my expectations.  She helped train and educate the entire team with overall office communication, answering the telephone for the important new patient phone call, and improved teamwork.  As an Orthodontist, I did not receive specialized training in those critical areas.  Rosemary’s training methods and years of experience in the profession allows her to connect with the team and motivates us all to treat the “patient” and not only their teeth or their malocclusion.  Her work with the initial patient examination has allowed us to improve the service that I as Doctor, and our Treatment Coordinator, provide to both patients and parents.  We have had the pleasure of having Rosemary come to our practice three times in the last six years and I would highly recommend her to anyone who is thinking of taking their office to the next level of care.”

Dr. Chris Wenderoth

South Carolina

“I have known and worked in my practice with Rosemary for nearly 20 years. Meeting by chance a few short months after opening my ortho practice, she was consulting with a pediatric dentist friend close by who encouraged me to meet her. Rosemary was kind enough to stop by and offer her thoughts about my new practice.  The hour that followed convinced me immediately that I needed her guidance and over time it changed the course of my practice and professional career.  With her help, my team and I grew to levels I never imagined but most of all we built a culture and philosophy in the office that later, competition could only scratch their heads to figure out. We not only built solid systems in the office and have well-trained people, but we have also learned to have a lot of fun along the way.  I recently sold my practice and the new buyer was so impressed with our new patient exam and practice systems. That is 100% because of Rosemary Bray’s coaching over time. There is so much Rosemary does to uplift the mood in the office and to coach a team to stay ahead, and what she did translated to a very attractive practice for a purchaser at the end of the road for me.  I know one thing for certain, and that is, without her I would never have achieved what I have. Also, I would never have made the friend in her I did along the way.  If you don’t use her, you had better hope your competition doesn’t.”

Dr. Mike Fillman

"I pay a tribute to you, Rosemary. More than anyone else in the profession, you have changed my concept of work. You have taught me the huge importance of having fun in the office. Traditional dentistry and orthodontic training tend to portray quite a serious aspect - which I emulated. I still need to improve, but what a difference I began to see in my own life when you told all of us about "fun and appreciation" in our workplace. I am forever grateful."

Dr. Donna Stenberg

"So we have been singing only for a week and a half now and yesterday we sang to a deband patient and one of our other patients in the clinic said 'we heard you sang to my best friend who got her braces off yesterday' and the Mom said 'yes we heard too from another Mom - you sang to her son!' So without knowing it - it seems we have become the talk of the town because of your deband song!! We never know how far the fun will reach, do we!"

Dr. Chris Pine – State College, PA

"Rosemary,  I wanted to quickly say 'THANK YOU!!'  I was never more proud to have my name associated with anything in my professional life than I was to be represented by you on Thursday and Friday."

Dr. Wayne Hane

"Thank you for the great presentation at the AAO meeting this morning on May 24th. It’s the 4th time I’ve heard one of your presentations. The information you present is always worthwhile, but the main thing that sets you apart from the others is that you make the audience feel good about ourselves and our profession."

Karen Moawad – Hummingbird Associates

"Your bright light and joy are an inspiration... you are a gift to orthodontics."

Dr. Robert Boyd – University of the Pacific

Department Chairman

"Rosemary is the best person overall in our world of orthodontics to motivate the office staff to improve their communication and service to patients."

Mark Elwell – Forestadent USA

Director of Sales

"She gives 120% on everything she does... and it shows!"

Dr. George Muehlebach

"You are very, very professional- this is something I can use even after 36 years of doing what I love to do."

Jill Cox

"Because you have been in the business so long, your tools are valid and believable and useable."

Dr. Jim Meeks

"Thank you for your insight, Rosemary - you are one of the finest speakers I have ever had the pleasure to listen to."

Michelle Earl

"This is just what our office needed. I am so excited to work together with my office team now to help our practice progress and succeed."

Kathy Martin

"This is one of the few presentations that will be forever in the back of my mind and upfront in our practice - you have stimulated and rejuvenated me!"

Dr. Mike Swartz – ORMCO/Sybron Dental Specialties

"I have had the great honor of knowing and the great pleasure of working with Rosemary since 1999. In her lectures, she has the ability to excite and motivate people while sharing very valuable information gleaned from her years of orthodontic experience. In her office consultations, she has the innate ability to quickly identify strengths and weaknesses and impart the necessary changes that can immediately result in a more efficient and thus more profitable practice. Her expertise in patient relationships, inter-office communication and marketing are certainly unsurpassed. Rosemary is indeed a unique resource and treasure to our profession."