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     A U T H O R
       "Deband Songs - 50 Top Songs to
       Add Pizzazz to Deband Day"
       by Rosemary Bray
      Click here to order now

     M O R E     B O O K S !





 Deband Appointment Fun
This appointment is to be the culmination of the entire practice experience. In twenty years, your goal is to have this patient looking back at this special day and telling others, not only the NAME of their orthodontist, but also what occurred on their deband day, how special you made it, how they will never forget you or what you did for their teeth, yes, but also for their entire life!

  • Balloons are tied to the patient's chair once the procedure has been verified and they are given at the conclusion of the visit.
  • A goodie bag is set out and ready to give to the patient at the end.
  • The clinical deband procedure takes place with lots of talk and complimenting to Dr/pt/parent.
  • The mirror is given and the real praise begins.
  • The patient is given the goodie bag with Gummy Bears, Gummy Worms, Now and Laters, Shark Bites, Jolly Ranchers, Fruit Roll Ups, Star Burst, Tootsie Rolls, Milk Duds, Red Vines, Etc….whatever! To make this really special, ask the patient a few appointments prior to the deband what he/she has given up along the way that they are so anxious to have again. Act like you are merely charting. Then go out and get that and give it at deband day! They are amazed that you remembered - or even cared!
  • A post card is given to a minor to write a thank you note to their parents. You mail it!
  • A "diploma" you make on your computer can be handed to the patient - signed and dated.
  • A "diploma" can be handed to the parents congratulating them for what they have contributed to their child's dental health and self esteem. Make it also on your computer.
  • A deband card is set out for the entire team to personally sign and mail out today.
  • A bottle of wine/champagne can be given to adult patients and a bottle of sparkling cider to minors for toasting themselves, you, their family later that evening at home.
  • Stand around the foot of the chair, clap your hands, stomp your feet and SING one of Rosemary's famous DEBAND SONGS to the patient while the parents are there watching- along with all your other patients. Watch the mommies cry, the kids laugh and the other patients cheer!
  • Take their photo-put it on a bulletin board and give a copy to the patient.
** Pick any of the above ideas - just do something great! **

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