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     A U T H O R
       "Deband Songs - 50 Top Songs to
       Add Pizzazz to Deband Day"
       by Rosemary Bray
      Click here to order now

     M O R E     B O O K S !






Third Annual Camp Cancun
February 3-6, 2005
Aventura Spa Palace Resort
Cancun, Mexico

Four of the top consultants in the orthodontic field come together to put on a weekend of interactive workshops in sunny and warm Cancun, Mexico. Your entire orthodontic team will benefit from this weekend together, where they can participate in workshops, attend informative lectures and enjoy the things Cancun has to offer. Learn about the following issues at the third annual Camp Cancun.

Team Talk
Efficiency and Effectiveness
Administration and Analyzing Systems
Marketing and Motivation

February 8, 2005 (One day after Camp Cancun)
Dear Rosemary,

I couldn’t wait to email you! I was so happy to win your debanding songs and couldn’t wait to apply them. So today (without our Doctor knowing) I gathered our team and we sang, "You got your braces off today" and of course we wanted to say bonzai bonzai, J but the results were incredible!! You should know this was a girl I love so much, who is 15 and we started treating her Class III at 6!

She looks incredible and her mom cried when we sang and of course I did too!! Thank you so much Rosemary ! Dr. Goldman is so happy and just loved it and so did our new patient that he was seeing!! Thank you again and I cannot wait for our next "Camp"!

Clinical Assistant to Dr. Robert Goldman in Connecticut

Rosemary Bray brings 30 years of experience as a motivational speaker, trainer and consultant into this special weekend to help your team work together better through communication. Debbie Best concentrates on the role productivity plays in your office and helps evaluate your team's needs to better utilize each individual's skills. Carol Eaton is known for improving inter-office communications and will work with your team to promote better patient/parent relationships and establish a strong and healthy working environment. Lori Garland Parker works with your team to address organizational and efficiency issues to help ensure quality care and reduce stress in your office.

Registration Fees
$649 each: 1-4 participants
$599 each: 5-9 participants
$549 each: 10 or more participants

For additional information, please call Rosemary Bray at 760.268.0760.


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